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Day 1 - 4 December 2023
Start TimeEnd TimeSession NameSession TypeSpeakerCategoriesRoom (Skukuza)
09:0010:30IBM Hybrid Quantum-Classical Machine Learning part 1Workshop 1Thembelihle DlaminiQuantum ComputingIngwe
09:0010:30Building an HPC Cloud with OpenStack - part 1Workshop 2Stig TelferCloud InfrastructureNdau
09:0010:30MedeA part 1 - Atomistic Simulations with MedeA, an integrated computational materials science and engineering software suiteWorkshop 3David ReithHPC ApplicationMhelembe
09:0010:30Materials Studio part 1 - Materials Studio Mastery: A One-Day Dive into Advanced Modeling and SimulationWorkshop 4Kingsley ObodoHPC ApplicationNari
09:0010:30Meeting 1SADC Cyber-InfrastructureCyber-InfrastructureNdlopfu Hall
11:0012:30IBM Hybrid Quantum-Classical Machine Learning part 2Workshop 1Thembelihle DlaminiQuantum ComputingIngwe
11:0012:30Building an HPC Cloud with OpenStack - part 2Workshop 2Stig TelferCloud InfrastructureNdau
11:0012:30MedeA part 2 - Atomistic Simulations with MedeA, an integrated computational materials science and engineering software suiteWorkshop 3David ReithHPC ApplicationMhelembe
11:0012:30Materials Studio part 2 - Materials Studio Mastery: A One-Day Dive into Advanced Modeling and SimulationWorkshop 4Kingsley ObodoHPC ApplicationNari
11:0012:30Meeting 2SADC Cyber-InfrastructureCyber-InfrastructureNdlopfu Hall
13:3015:00Intel Workshop part 1 - SoftwareWorkshop 1Walter RivieraHPC TechnicalIngwe
13:3015:00Building an HPC Cloud with OpenStack - part 1 (repeat)Workshop 2Stig TelferCloud InfrastructureNdau
13:3015:00MedeA part 3 - Atomistic Simulations with MedeA, an integrated computational materials science and engineering software suiteWorkshop 3David ReithHPC ApplicationMhelembe
13:3015:00Materials Studio part 3 - Materials Studio Mastery: A One-Day Dive into Advanced Modeling and SimulationWorkshop 4Kingsley ObodoHPC ApplicationNari
13:3015:00Meeting 3SADC Cyber-Infrastructure Cyber-InfrastructureNdlopfu Hall
15:3016:15Intel Workshop part 2 - HardwareWorkshop 1Walter RivieraHPC TechnicalIngwe
16:1517:00Intel Workshop part 3 - AI Careers
15:3017:00Building an HPC Cloud with OpenStack - part 2 (repeat)Workshop 2Stig TelferCloud InfrastructureNdau
15:3017:00MedeA part 4 - Atomistic Simulations with MedeA, an integrated computational materials science and engineering software suiteWorkshop 3David ReithHPC ApplicationMhelembe
15:3017:00Materials Studio part 4 - Materials Studio Mastery: A One-Day Dive into Advanced Modeling and SimulationWorkshop 4Kingsley ObodoHPC ApplicationNari
15:3017:00Meeting 4SADC Cyber-InfrastructureCyber-InfrastructureNdlopfu Hall
17:0017:00End of DayEnd of Day
Day 2 - 5 December 2023
Start TimeEnd TimeSession NameSpeakerCategoriesRoom (Skukuza)
08:3008:35CSIR Welcoming RemarksDr Lulama WakabaGeneralNdlopfu Hall
08:3508:45DSI Welcoming RemarksDr Daniel MokhohlaneGeneralNdlopfu Hall
08:4508:55NICIS OverviewDr Happy SitholeGeneralNdlopfu Hall
08:5509:00DIRISA HighlightsDr Anwar VahedGeneralNdlopfu Hall
09:0009:05SANReN HighlightsMr Sabelo DlaminiGeneralNdlopfu Hall
09:0509:10CHPC HighlightsMr Mervyn ChristoffelsGeneralNdlopfu Hall
09:1009:50KEYNOTE 1: Resurrecting an Elephant Migration RouteMr Marc Sherratt & Mr Sean HensmanKEYNOTENdlopfu Hall
09:5010:30KEYNOTE 2: Beyond Exascale – Federation, Workflows, and large-scale AI as the next frontierDr Utz-Uwe HausKEYNOTENdlopfu Hall
11:0011:20® Roadmap of Quantum Computing in a South African ContextProf Francesco PetruccioneSpecialNdau + Nari 
11:0011:20Enhancing Population Health Research Using SAPRIN HDSS Data Science PlatformDr Molulaqhooa MaoyiHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
11:2011:40NGEI’s Initiatives from DSI Regarding the Sovereign Quantum Computing Decal PlanMs Coral FeatherstoneSpecialNdau + Nari The Citizen Science Platform for African Observations of NatureDr David Gwynne-EvansHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
11:4012:00Leveraging Quantum Machine Learning for Enhanced Biophotonics ApplicationsDr Kelvin MpofuSpecialNdau + Nari 
11:4012:00TBCHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
12:0012:20Materials research within the Excalibur Project: Is it time to exploit Quantum Computers?Dr Scott WoodleySpecialNdau + Nari 
12:0012:20TBCHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
12:2012:30QuestionsSpecialNdau + Nari 
12:2012:30QuestionsHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
13:3013:50Machine Learning in CosmologyProf Yin-Zhe MaSpecialNdau + Nari 
13:3013:50DIPLOMICS: An OverviewDr Patricia SwartHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
13:5014:10Next DC Design for Generative AI workloads & HPCMr Pramod VenkateshSpecialNdau + Nari 
13:5014:10Unleashing the Cloud-Native Potential: Rethinking Research Cyber-Infrastructures with Kubernetes and Cloud APIsMr Peter van HeusdenHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
14:1014:30From Grassroots to Greatness: Unleashing HPC Potential in AfricaMr Nilesh JainSpecialNdau + Nari 
14:1014:30Building a Knowledge Democracy: The Deep Learning IndabaX StoryMs Lydia de LangeSpecialNdau + Nari 
14:1014:30® NITheCS: An OverviewProf Francesco PetruccioneHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
14:3014:50® Distributed Deep Learning in HPC: Challenges and OpportunitiesDr Albert KahiraSpecialNdau + Nari 
14:3014:50® Computing for the ALICE Experiment at the Large Hadron ColliderMr Sean MurrayHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
14:3015:00Chemistry & Materials Science SIG MeetingDr Krishna GovenderSIGNdlopfu Hall (Skukuza)
14:5015:00QuestionsSpecialNdau + Nari 
14:5015:00QuestionsHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
15:3015:50HPC Market OverviewMr Dan OldsGeneralNdlopfu Hall (Skukuza)
15:5017:00Industry Crossfire Panel ProgrammeMr Dan OldsGeneralNdlopfu Hall (Skukuza)
17:0017:30Intermission and Travel to Boma Braai
17:3020:30Boma Braai in the Bushveld
20:3021:00Travel back to Rest Camp
Day 3 - 6 December
Start TimeEnd TimeSession NameSpeakerCategoriesRoom (Skukuza)
09:0009:45KEYNOTE 3: The Software-Defined SupercomputerMr Stig TelferKEYNOTENdlopfu Hall
09:4510:30KEYNOTE 4: TBCMr Stein MkandawireKEYNOTENdlopfu Hall
11:0011:15Land surface model TerM: design, applications and HPC aspectsDr Victor StepanenkoSpecialNdau + Nari 
11:0011:20The Rooibos Genome Program: computational requirementsDr Uljana HesseHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
11:0011:20Introduction: Welcome and introduction to the ISSA/SANReN track.Dr Renier van HeerdenSA NRENIngwe + Mhelembe
11:1511:30® The Development of An Adaptive Mesh Atmospheric Model - Fluidity-AtmosphereDr Jinxi LiSpecialNdau + Nari 
11:2011:40Engineering Strategies for Perovskites: From DFT to Machine LearningProf Regina MaphangaHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
11:2011:40Ransomware Detection Using PE EntropyMr Avinash SinghSA NRENIngwe + Mhelembe
11:3011:45TBCDr Fabio PortoSpecialNdau + Nari 
11:4012:00Variable resolution numerical weather modelling on the CHPCMs Patience Tlangelani MulovhedziHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
11:4012:00Continuous Authentication on Android mobile devicesMr Christopher NjaravaniSA NRENIngwe + Mhelembe
11:4512:00® Integrating WRF and Hydrology Models for Improved Urban Flood Forecasting in Pune using HPC: A Comprehensive Approach for the Indian MetropolisDr Manoj KhareSpecialNdau + Nari 
12:0012:20A theoretical investigation of decorated novel triazoles as organic dyes in dye sensitized solar cellsMr Louis-Charl CoetzeeHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
12:0012:20Realtime Risk Assessment in Vehicular Ad-hoc NetworksMr Henry GiduduSA NRENIngwe + Mhelembe
12:0012:15Numerical simulation of atmospheric boundary layer turbulence on HPC systemsDr Evgeny MortikovSpecialNdau + Nari 
12:1512:30® South Africa’s Operational Ocean Forecasting DevelopmentsDr Giles FearonSpecialNdau + Nari 
12:2012:30QuestionsHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
12:2012:30QuestionsSA NRENIngwe + Mhelembe
13:3013:50® Enable Fundamental Cacheability for Distributed Deep Learning TrainingMr Ali ButtSpecialNdau + Nari 
13:3013:50® A Shelter When the Storms Hit: How the CHPC Supports the South African Weather ServiceMs Stephanie LandmanHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
13:3013:50Privacy Preservation in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs)Mr Eunice N. K. HammondSA NRENIngwe + Mhelembe
13:5014:10® Mango-IO: I/O Metrics Consistency AnalysisMs Radita LiemSpecialNdau + Nari 
13:5014:10Effective use of high performance computing resources in computational chemistry and materials scienceDr Krishna GovenderHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
13:5014:10Model for the Generation of Digital Forensic Reports using AI TechniquesIdani MulaudziSA NRENIngwe + Mhelembe
14:1014:30® I/O behavior of scientific deep learning workloadsHariharan DevarajanSpecialNdau + Nari 
14:1014:30Building HPC modelling ecosystems for furnace tapping problemsDr Quinn ReynoldsHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
14:1014:30A State-of-the-Art Review of Digital Forensics Tools Pertaining to Covert Channel DetectionMs Kyra CoetzeeSA NRENIngwe + Mhelembe
14:3014:50Data Management on HPC Workloads: Accelerating outcomes while preserving data for future examination and collaborationMr Miguel CastroSpecialNdau + Nari 
14:3014:50Research Software Engineering (RSE) groups in the UK and their relationship to HPC facilitiesDr Kim MartinHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
14:3014:50Machine Learning Based Analysis of Dark Web for Cybersecurity Threat IntelligenceDr Olalekan OgunleyeSA NRENIngwe + Mhelembe
14:5015:00QuestionsSpecialNdau + Nari 
14:5015:00QuestionsHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
14:5015:00QuestionsSA NRENIngwe + Mhelembe
15:3015:50Emerging Leadership Practices in deploying Digital Research Infrastructure in AfricaMr Mervyn ChristoffelsSpecialNdau + Nari 
15:3015:50Dynamic downscaling of CMIP6 model outputs: usage of the Lengau Cluster by the Agrometeorology division of Agricultural Research CouncilDr Sarah RoffeHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
15:3015:50Towards the development of a digital forensic readiness model for 5G NFV environmentsSheunesu MakuraSA NRENIngwe + Mhelembe
15:5016:10The influence of national culture dimensions on Agile roles in the South African Software Development ContextMr Kirwin MatthewsSpecialNdau + Nari 
15:5016:10DFT studies of Iron at extreme temperature and pressure conditions, metal oxides and dopant-induced magnetization in a two-dimensional materialDr Abdulrafiu Tunde RajiHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
15:5016:10A secure storage architecture for hosting digital forensic data in the public cloud environmentVusani MathohoSA NRENIngwe + Mhelembe
16:1016:30A multifaceted framework of understanding and synthesises of the digital artefacts and its impact on the ICT ecosystemDr Ricardo HarrySpecialNdau + Nari 
16:1016:30Accelerating South Africa’s indigenous knowledge systems for antiviral drug discovery using computational modellingDr Tovhowani RamulongoHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
16:1016:30TBCThabo TshabalalaSA NRENIngwe + Mhelembe
16:3016:50TBCTBCSpecialNdau + Nari 
16:3016:50Simulation of the eThekwini Heat Island in South AfricaMr T. Robert MaishaHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
16:3016:50Overview of the South African National Research and Education Network (SA NREN)Ajay MakanSA NRENIngwe + Mhelembe
17:2019:20Coctails and Poster Display
Day 4 - 7 December
Start TimeEnd TimeSession NameSpeakerCategoriesRoom (Skukuza)
09:0009:45KEYNOTE 5: QA^HPC – The Quest for Quantum/AI Optimized HPC WorkflowProf Liwen ShihKEYNOTENdlopfu Hall
09:4510:30KEYNOTE 6: Scientific Data Democratization: Enabling Efficient Access and Analysis of Large-Scale Scientific DataDr Scott KlaskyKEYNOTENdlopfu Hall
10:3011:00Break & Poster Showcase
11:0011:20Dell - Bringing AI to your DataMr Ryan RautenbachSpecialNdau + Nari
11:0011:20Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in congenital heart disease and thrombosis: The role of high performance computing (HPC)Prof Malebogo NgoepeHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
11:0011:20Enhancing Language Translation and Detection for Low-Resource Languages through Sequential and Transformer ModelsMrs Mahlatse MbooiDIRISANdau + Nari
11:2011:40Boost Performance with Accelerated HPC and AIMr Claudio PollaSpecialNdau + Nari
11:2011:40Application of High-Performance Computing in Nanomedicine: Lipid based nanocarriers and biogenic nanoparticlesDr Mpho NgoepeHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
11:2011:40Citizen Centric Data Democratisation Framework for Data Custodians in South African Higher EducationProf Nobert JereDIRISANdau + Nari
11:4012:00Supermicro Vendor Talk (Title to be confirmed)Mr Roger CrightonSpecialNdau + Nari
11:4012:00Complexity vs. Clarity: Modelling Effects of Lancing into Process Material Through Furnace Tap-HolesMr Markus ErweeHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
11:4012:00South African Risk and Vulnerability AtlasMs Keneilwe HlahaneDIRISANdau + Nari
12:0012:20TBCTBCSpecialNdau + Nari
12:0012:20Projection of Droughts in Africa within different extents of global warming as performed on The CHPC’s Lengau ClusterDr Mohau MateyisiHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
12:0012:20Meteorological data then, now and the futureDr Dawn MahloboDIRISANdau + Nari
12:2012:30QuestionsSpecialNdau + Nari
12:2012:30QuestionsHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
12:2012:30DiscussionsDIRISANdau + Nari
13:3013:50VASTDATA Vendor Talk (Title to be confirmed)Mr Scott HowardSpecialNdau + Nari
13:3015:00BoF: CHPC Users ForumDr Werner Janse Van RensburgHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
13:3013:50Why Universities Must Embrace Digital TransformationProf Bhekisipho TwalaDIRISANdau + Nari
13:5014:10Build diversified computing infrastructure, unleash data value, promote scientific, technological, and economic developmentMr Zekelman ZhangSpecialNdau + Nari
13:5014:10Navigating the Data Labyrinth: Empowering Libraries through Digital Literacy and Research Data ManagementMr Isak van der WaltDIRISANdau + Nari
14:1014:30The Cambridge Open Zettascale Lab is hosting Dawn, the UK’s fastest artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputerDr Paul CallejaSpecialNdau + Nari
14:1014:30A Roadmap Towards Democratizing Data A Case for Botswana as a Developing CountryDr Audrey MasizanaDIRISANdau + Nari
14:3014:50TBCSpecialNdau + Nari
14:3014:50DIRISA Service (SSO,DDT and DMP)Mr May MaileDIRISANdau + Nari
14:5015:00DiscussionsDIRISANdau + Nari
15:3016:30BoF: Women in High Performance Computing South Africa (WHPC-South Africa)Prof Khomotso MaenetjaHPCIngwe + Mhelembe
15:3016:30Tape Library: NICIS-DIRISA Spectralogic Maktech Case StudyMr Claude FortuneDIRISANdau + Nari
17:0017:45KEYNOTE 7: Bringing AI EverywhereMr Ahmed Al-jeshiKEYNOTENdlopfu Hall
17:4519:45Awards CeremonyGeneralNdlopfu Hall
19:4521:00DinnerGeneralNdlopfu Hall