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MR MARC SHERRAT – Marc Sherrat Sustainability Architects

“Recently celebrated by the Mail & Guardian as one of South Africa’s top 200 young professionals, Marc Sherratt is an Architect and Net Zero Accredited Professional that started his practice MSSA in January 2017. He has grown this practice into an industry leader that has completed some of the most pioneering green buildings in South Africa. Marc holds a Master’s from the University of Johannesburg and is currently completing a second Master’s in Sustainability in the construction industry through the University of Cambridge.
MSSA designed the first triple Net Zero building in South Africa for the categories of Carbon (no carbon emissions in building operations), Ecology (regenerating the locally extinct landscape of the site) and Water (all water consumed is on renewable sources). This project was independently certified by the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA). They built the first GBCSA certified Net Positive Construction Waste project for the country, which sent no waste to landfill (Net Zero) but rather recycled more than 60 tons of waste that would of gone to landfill in the building’s construction (Net Positive). They designed and built the county’s first Net Positive Ecology Level 2 (Measured) project which regenerated a Critically Endangered grassland landscape with over 130 different locally indigenous species.
Marc has become a thought leader in the construction industry and was invited to be part of faculty of the GBCSA where he specifically teaches aspiring built environment professionals the Net Zero Accredited Professional Program. He was also invited to be part of the technical team updating the new version of the New Build Green Star SA tool, which over the past decade has become the best practice standard for new green buildings across Africa. Recently he was appointed by the Presidential Infrastructure Coordination Council (PICC), recently renamed as Infrastructure South Africa (ISA), to design national government’s first Net Zero Carbon operational building, a standardised design of clinic to be implemented across the country.
Marc has made a significant impact in both the policy, private and public sectors of South Africa’s green economy. MSSA tackles African sustainability challenges holistically, producing integrated solutions that focus on socio-economic improvement, climate change reversal, food, water and energy security and the regeneration of planetary health.”

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